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Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax

Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax
Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax

Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax   Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax

Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax. More directional airflow - less turbulence. Minimal pressure drop when attaching filters.

Insulated with high grade acoustic foam. Wired and ready to go - plug and play! Global Air Supplies have brought to market on of the finest extraction fans on the market.

The design and effort that has gone into this product is second to none. Over two million pounds and years of research have gone into producing a fan that quite simply cannot be beaten. Born from the high-quality brand that is Systemair, the Revolution Stratos gives you the highest amount of air movement, with the smallest amount of noise.

There are three options of these AC versions of the fans, a 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch model for you to choose from. Each one moves more air than any other equivalent brand and performs a lot better under pressure, say when you are attaching a filter.

This means you will not lose precious airflow through your extraction in the same way that you will with other fans! If you are looking to move huge amounts of air, with minimal noise, then these are definitely the fans you need. Global Air Supplies as a company in England are relatively new, but the people behind the scenes have been active in bringing you the high-quality extraction solutions for a long, long time. They are the only wholesaler that specifically tailors themselves to provide high quality solutions for grow room extraction systems. Drawing on their experience with bringing other high-end products to market like Rhino Filters or the IWS watering systems, Systemair have one of the best options currently available for your extraction.

What The Systemair Revolution Fans Are. Systemair Revolution Stratos AC fans are the highest-powered extraction fans that you can find on the market, while also being some of the quietest! They are designed to efficiently clear all the hot and humid air from your grow room, refreshing the CO2 levels and creating the perfect environment for your plants to thrive and prosper in. Environment is key to a truly successful harvest, so make sure you hit high number by using one of these bad boys!

These Systemair fans are a breath of fresh air for hydroponic grow rooms! Essentially, they are powered by the newly designed fan and motor developed by Systemair. It is all powered by an extremely powerful and reliable German-built motor. It is a brushless motor, so compared to most previous fan designs, there is no wear and tear of the actual motor. It spins by using magnetic induction, and quickly switching polarities to turn the motor without any hinderance of contacting brushes.

The actual motor is all completely sealed in a custom designed, compact plastic housing. This means you get a huge amount of air movement, from a relatively small unit with no chances of any air leakages thanks to its robust build quality. The main fan unit itself is then housed within a larger metallic casing that is responsible for silencing unit. The metal housing contains a unique material to properly insulate the unit from making any unwanted noise.

Essentially, this means a massive airflow, with minimal noise! How The Systemair Revolution Stratos Ac Fans Work. There are a few things about these extraction fans for your grow room that make them so good. Of course, having been made by Systemair, that straight away sets the bar very high. Systemair are responsible for the RVK series of fans, the previous industry standard to removing stale grow room air.

The Impeller/fan blades: The design of the impeller and the blades have a huge impact on the performance of a fan. They are chiefly responsible for moving the air through the fan in the first place. The curvature of these blades massively affects in which direction (and how efficiently) the fan will actually move air. They have been painstakingly designed to make sure that the as much air as possible makes its way through the fan in as normal a direction as possible.

The double balanced fan blades and a flow optimised axial impeller means that it surpasses all other fans with its performance. The guide veins: Just after the impeller and blades are a few guide veins built into the housing of the fan.

These guide veins make sure that any of the moving air is then re-directed in as straight a line as possible out of the fan. The means that there is much less turbulence of the air moving through your ducting system which in turn means a more efficient air flow, and also much less noise throughout your system. Brushless motor: In older versions of fans, there were a series of metal brushes that made contact with points around the motor in order to actually get it spinning. Although this worked very well, the simple act of creating a contact means that eventually something will wear down and break. These brushes have been completely removed and now thanks to the power of magnetic induction, the motor is spun on its axis without ever being in contact with anything it needn't be.

Sealed Housing: The inner plastic housing of the fan is completely custom moulded and 100% air tight sealed to make sure that there are no sneaky air leaks anywhere, and that it is as compact as possible. The electrical connection box is not only sealed, but also 100% water tight, something very important in humid grow room conditions to avoid any unwanted break downs. Sound insulated: Last but by no means least, the entire fan unit is set inside an acoustically insulated housing, that makes sure that you hear very little noise coming from these fans.

In a built up urban environment, the last thing you want is to annoy your neighbours when you are just trying to grow your own tomatoes. This silenced fan allows you peace of mind for any unwanted knocks at the door. Rather than using regular spongey material to insulate the noise, custom acoustic foam has been used that reduces noise to an extremely low level. Unlike other fans using a spongey material, this foam is almost completely water resistant, and creates no extra pressure on the fan motor, making it much more suitable for a hydroponic environment. How To Use The Systemair Revolution Stratos Fans. It could not be made easier for you to begin using these fans. They come completely wired up as new in the box, so unlike other brands you don't need to spend time finding a plug and wiring it up yourself. Simply pull the fan from out of the box, remove the bubble wrap and connect it up to your extraction system.

Hanging up the fan and connecting it to ducting really is easy. Like the CarboAir filters, they have little hanging hooks on either end of the unit to make connecting to pulleys or rope ratchets extremely easy. You then simply fasten the ducting securely to each end of the fan and turn it on: simple! Ideally, you should be using these fans in conjunction with the CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters.

They have been designed and tested to work in unison with one another, to ensure you get the right airflow every time. Even though they might look the same, small differences can have drastic impacts on how well the extract fan can cope with it. To make sure you are getting 100% performance with your Revolution Stratos, makes sure that you use it alongside a CarboAir Filter! This version of the Stratos is the AC version, meaning that it will be compatible with all AC fan controllers that currently exist on the market. Controlling your grow room temperatures is something that requires constant attention, so using an automated controller is of course highly recommended.

Please check here to see our range of controllers, or give us a ring to see which would be best for you. How To Choose A Systemair Revolution Stratos Fan.

The main thing to consider about whether you need one of these fans or not boils down to whether or not you need a whisper quiet extraction fan. Of course, they move a huge amount of air, but if noise level is your first concern, then these are definitely the type of extract fan you should be considering. Once you have decided on whether the Revolution Stratos is for you, it is simply a case of picking the right model! That may not be as easy as it initially sounds though! Choosing the right size fan for you depends on a lot of factors. Firstly, you need to consider the volume of your room. Secondly you need to consider how much wattage of HID light you have in there.

Thirdly you need to consider how exposed that room is to the elements eg, is it in a loft that will heat up a lot in summer? All of these factors will have an impact on how hot the room will get, and how much air you need to clear from it.

There are a few calculations that you can do that will give you a rough estimate of the sort of model that you will need, but by far the best way is to pop in to store and have a chat with one of our staff members. There are a few options for you to choose from of this range, and it may be a relatively straight forward choice for you. If not, we are highly experienced in making sure every individual hydroponic grow room has the right equipment in it to get it running properly. Feel free to give us a ring and discuss your options. Ensure the surface you are hanging it from is suitable for bearing the load, especially for long term periods of time.

Also ensure that you hang it with something appropriate for the job, like heavy duty chain or ideally rope ratchets, so the mounting height can be easily adjusted. It is always preferable to use deluxe fast clamps and insulated ducting with Systemair Revolution Stratos fans. The fast clamps will ensure the perfect air tight seal around the flange, while the insulated ducting will help further reduce and minimise any noise pollution heard from the unit. It is always recommended to use premium fan speed controllers with extraction fans, as cheaper versions will tend to make the them hum, particularly when on their lower speed settings. You can check that you have created an air tight seal throughout your duct run by running a lit cigarette or splint along the length of the run, especially around any connections. If there is a leak, then the smoke will get sucked in or blown away, and you know that you need to give that area some more attention. Channel Islands: All postcodes containing GY and JE Isle of Man: All postcodes containing IM Scilly Isles: TR21-TR25 Scotland: All postcodes containing TR21-TR25 / AB37-AB56 Scottish Islands: All postcodes containing KW / HS1-HS9 / IV40-IV49 / IV51 / IV55-IV56 / KA27-KA28 / PA20-PA80 / PH4-PH50 / ZE1-ZE3 Scottish Highlands: All postcodes containing AB and IV / KW1-KW14 / PA20-PA38 / PA68 / PH80 / PH36-PH49 Northern Ireland: All postcodes containing BT Isle of Wight: PO30-PO41 Isle of Angelsey: LL Isle of Man: IM1-9. We use the best couriers available to us to ensure that your product is received on time and in great condition. Please ensure that someone is available to sign for the item as signatures are required.

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  • Size: 200mm (8\
  • Select Type: SystemAir Quiet Inline Dampening Silent Extraction
  • Brand: Systemair
  • Type: Fan (In Line/Duct)
  • Wiring: Wired and ready to go – plug and play
  • Motor Protection: Thermal Motor Protection
  • Heavy Duty: German Build quality
  • Foam: Insulated with high grade acoustic foam
  • Filters: Minimal pressure drop when attaching filters
  • Warranty: Two-year manufacturers warranty
  • Directional Flow: More directional airflow – less turbulence
  • Noise Level: Whisper quiet air movement
  • Housing Material: Unique composite material
  • Running Cost: 50% less expensive than standard fans
  • Vibration: No rattling or vibrating at any speed
  • Power Input: AC
  • Sub-Type: Hydroponics

Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax   Revolution Stratos New V2 Pro Silenced Fans High Powered Output Flow AC Isomax